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Automatic driving lessons.

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07957 747308

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5 Steeple Way, Fareham

Hampshire, PO14 4QJ


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 i thought steve was very encouraging thoughtout the whole time i was learning with him and he never rushes you lets you go at your own pace and i found he was always very helpful. Also for the pass plus which i did with steve he was very helpful with planning the route on the pass plus and very helpful thoughtout this course.

 from tom c

" There were two great personal achievements which I am particularly proud of in 2006. The first one was to find a great satisfying job and the second was to pass my driving practical test! I could not have achieved these if it wasn't for the people that supported me and helped me along the way. One of these great people was Steve Lawley. Three times a week over a period of two months I was really looking forward to finishing work as I knew the return trip wasn't the usual train service stopping off at twenty different stations and the constant "Mind the gap between the train and the platform edge" drumming in one's ear.  On the other hand, it was Steve's great lessons on how to become a safe driver on the road. With lots of motivation and enthusiasm with hints of stories and jokes, it was a great pleasure learning with Steve ending the harduous days at work in the best way possible. With a great book and DVD allowing you to brush up and do exercises on what you'd been told and practiced, Steve's professionalism in his teaching is flawless. If you want to make your first ever driving experience a memorable one, then Steve is definitely the person you want to have on the passengers seat!!"


Steve Lawley was able to turn a nervous under-achiever into a safe, confident driver. For that I am very grateful.

 K - Warsash

I would definitely recommend Steve as driving instructor to anyone!  He was always on time and I always got the full lesson time, never being dropped back early to get to the next lesson etc.  Steve boosted my confidence but also gave me the push that I needed to get on with driving.  Each lesson notes were taken as to what had been covered so that no time was wasted going over the same things etc.  This also helped to pick out weaknesses in my driving so that the work plan could be changed for my own personal needs.

  I had a couple of driving instructors before Steve that had messed me about but he was the one that got me to pass!

 J C - Warsash

"He was friendly and explained everything clearly.  It was reassuring that he was  part of a national company but also that he had local knowledge of roads and  test routes.  It  was nice that he was calm, understanding and encouraging during the initial lessons where I made lots of mistakes. Flexible with lesson bookings and reasonable rates. Also very easy to get along with and talk through issues. Passed second time but first time was my own stupidity that let me down.  Stress free and reliable service - would recommend. "

Ed - Locksheath


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